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The magic world of BDSM

Feeling a little breeze of fear. A little tension, a little adrenaline. Getting more and more excited. Observing how your body becomes aroused in anticipation of what is about to come. Feeling goosebumps on your skin.

And yet, it is this very fear, this anticipation, which is so precious. This love-full violence, filled with tenderness and care.

We all have our little demons. Our shameful and inconvenient desires. The things we crave but aren’t supposed to crave. Desires that we cannot talk about. The ones, which we keep deep inside, hidden under a veil of secrecy. Buried deep in the shadow.

And yet, trying to fight these desires is utterly meaningless. Because they are inseparable from what we are. There is no point in fighting our nature. Nature will always win. Shadow will always be there. Because it is inseparable from light.

Before we resurrect, we have to die. We have to sacrifice our minds and bodies to those little demons. Let them feast on our self-imposed restrictions. Let them make us feel a little pain.

A sweet kind of pain. An exciting kind of pain. A pain, that brings joy. A one that leads us to the experience of indescribable intimacy, tenderness and gratitude. A pain that renews our sense of being alive and makes us powerful as ever. And makes you surrender.

While finding someone you can trust so much, or who can trust you so much, can often be very tricky, you don’t have to feel bothered about that anymore.

You have arrived in a place of abundant possibilities and incredible options. A true Garden of Earthly Delights with heavenly Divinas. The only thing you have to do is to surrender and let them take care of everything.

The only remaining challenge is choice.