Chastity – Locked by InaDivina

You could hardly imagine how much excitement and fun such a simple device could bring into your life. Transforming your everyday life into an ongoing sexual adventure. Making you feel at times as if you were a James Bond on a secret mission. Because now you have a little secret to hide and missions and tasks to accomplish.


While such a ‘double life’ would certainly bring some complications along, that’s just what you wanted. Because along with this comes the feeling that you are in a game. That you are a player now. And there are so many games that you can play. Obedience Training, Edging & Orgasm Control, Denial, Caging, Mindfuck, CBT, Imprisonment, Keyholding. These are just a few of them.


Or you could get creative and figure out your own game with Ina Divina. It’s up to you to choose in what way you want to obey her. But in any case, this would imply surrendering your most ‘precious jewels’ at her mercy. Literally giving her control of what makes you a man.


And that’s one hell of an excitement! And intimate at the same time, because it involves so much trust between both of you.


This simple piece of metal is your key to a whole new life. A kind of life, that would give you goosebumps on multiple occasions. A kind of life, that would make you feel that you are living. And make you feel the presence of Ina Divina in your everyday life even when you are not on a date with her.





You are giving away all control of your genitals to the owner of Ina Divina, whose name is Ina. You will be challenged and teased, more than you think you could possibly handle. Ina will be your personal Keyholder and wants you to report to her daily, via e-mail or WhatsApp. You have to tell her in a polite message how many times you have thought about her, how often you got a hard-on and if you think you already deserve to be unlocked yet or not, with or without a chastity game. You also attach a photo of the closed envelop with your emergency key in it, next to something that shows the date of that specific day. Alongside with the daily reporting, you will receive a weekly assignment (chastity related or non-chastity related, according to your wishes and desires).


If you fail to correctly send me your daily report or, if you fail to perform your weekly assignments, this will of course affect your rewards (for example your unlocking or even your orgasms).


For your official registration and first caging, you can choose between a phone call and an actual date to talk through your desires, wishes and likes, but also your dislikes and boundaries. We talk through how often and how long you want to be caged, how often (and if!) you want to have an orgasm (ruined or not) and, of course, we will perform your first caging.


You will have one emergency key, in a special, closed envelop and one key in a small safe. You can only open the safe, and (un)lock your chastity cage during a videocall with Ina. She is the only one who knows the code to the safe which contains your key.


Ina would love to tease you, to make you struggle, to maybe even make you don’t like her sometimes. But during all this, she wants you to feel joy, pleasure, thrills, tension, nerves, excitement and all the emotions and sensations that you were hoping to find.


Ready to become Ina’s toy?




Want Ina Divina to be your personal Keyholder? Contact us and we will make it happen.

Official registration and first caging
1 hour phone call
2 hours date (excluding travel expenses)
Duration of chastity
1 week
2 weeks
3 weeks
1 month
2 months
3 months
4 months
5 months
6 months
Each extra month
1 year