CASTING Do you want to become a Divina?

Are you excited by the idea of meeting the most extraordinary men? Make them feel excited about you? Incite their desire? Do you find the idea of deploying your body and mind in exchange for money arousing? Do you like to be in control? Are you dreaming of achieving personal and financial freedom at a younger age? Are you longing to make your life quite a bit more exciting?


If so, you could become a Divina.

You are healthy and fit, both physically and mentally. You are attractive. You love attention. You have sexual fantasies that you wish to experience. You seek to be desired. You want to be treated specially. You have a powerful libido and sex is extremely important to you. You are a unique and interesting personality. You are brave, curious and adventurous. You are a charismatic person. You can uphold a conversation. You are open-minded and non-judgmental. You are confident. You don’t shy away from the idea of living a double life. You actually, find this idea attractive. And you can keep a secret.

As a Divina, you will meet the most exceptional men. Your mission is to fulfill their most intimate dreams. The kind of dreams that are usually kept secret. You will bring joy while enjoying yourself. You will show the ultimate acceptance and respect. And you must keep your mind open. At all times. Consider being a Divina as a unique opportunity to grow as a person. Consider every encounter as a gift, as a privilege. Sexuality is a gift, so enjoy it together to the fullest. Being a Divina is not a job. It’s not a craft. It is an art. Be an artist.

Being a Divina, what is that like? It is exceptional. Look at it as enjoying a certain lifestyle, being a Divina is like art you can ‘perform’. The art of seduction and creating a connection. That being said, you do need to be aware of the fact that this lifestyle also has its downsides. Being open about your lifestyle as a Divina can be hard, so be prepared for this. You might have to lie to your loved ones sometimes and you have to be willing to live a certain ‘double life’. On the other hand, the fact that this lifestyle is so mysterious and behind closed doors can also make it even more fun and exciting. It’s your little secret you can ‘escape’ to sometimes. It will give your life this little thrill you were longing to find.

Have you got what it takes? Welcome on board!

Just before we start our cooperation you will receive a fun and handy goodie-bag as a welcome gift from Ina Divina. In this bag, you will find the ‘Ina Divina Academy’, a true ‘Bible of seduction’ where we share our experience on how you can be the best Divina. It is a quintessence of our art with useful information and tips. Also, you will find a voucher which you can use for anything you want to make your attractiveness shine brighter, like clothes, heels or lingerie. In the goodiebag is also a small beauty case with all the practical things you will need (like condoms and lubricant). And, last but not least, a few personalized beauty gifts.

If you still have any remaining questions about how to apply or about being a Divina in general, please, feel free to give us a call. We are more than happy to answer all your questions.

After you’ve submitted the form down below, you will receive a response to your application by email within three days. If we are interested, we schedule a video call with you. After that, we will call you within three days to possibly schedule an interview at a hotel bar. If we both feel that we are still interested in a cooperation, we will see each other again for a longer meeting to complete all the paperwork and to tell you everything you need to know to be a confident and successful Divina. After this, we will upload your profile so we can arrange your first date (with a member of our Gentlemen’s Circle). If this date goes well for the both of you, you are officially a Divina! A photoshoot will be scheduled and your application process is completed.

Requirements for becoming a Divina

In general

You are at least 21 years old.

You are based in The Netherlands and are fluent in Dutch and English.

You are not interested in being a Divina full-time, however, your schedule is flexible or you can cope with a little less sleep sometimes.

Having experience within this field of service is not necessary.

You are willing to provide sexual services (including french kissing) to a variety of men (up to 60 years old).

Ina Divina is also interested in applications from trans women (regardless of whether genital surgery has been performed).

Your personality

You are an adventurous, discreet, trustworthy, charismatic, sensual and passionate lady.

You have very strong social and communicative skills and you can easily empathize with others.

You are a pleaser, you truly enjoy seeing someone else having their desires fulfilled. You are the reason your date has one of his best evenings or nights ever and you love to be able to do this for him.

You are a very sex-positive person. You’ve got an open and non-judgmental mind when it comes to sexuality. It is not a problem at all if you identify as ‘vanilla’ yourself and personally don’t engage in kinky sex, as long as you have an open and non-judgmental mindset.

You can talk freely about sex, without shame or judgment towards yourself or others.

You know what you like and dislike, yet you are curious to explore new things. You have no problems showing your limits and you can also stick to them easily.

Your appearance

You are a ‘girl-next-door’ type with a little devil inside, who enjoys being a temptress. You do not have to look like a model. As long as you have a charming, beautiful and sweet appearance. Sweet and innocent on the outside, naughty and sex-positive on the inside.

You know how to dress up elegantly and how to take good care of your looks.

Your body has good proportions, regardless of whether you are size 34 or 42.

Both your body and your face have an even skin with few or no imperfections and your body does not show any (excessive) signs of former pregnancy.

You radiate sex appeal.

Having piercings or tattoos is not a problem to become a Divina.

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