INA DIVINAS experiences

For those who prefer rather exotic forms of sexuality, Ina Divina is a true Garden of Earthly Delights. You can find so many ways to experience a true rush of excitement here. An intimate Girlfriend Experience, with or withour kink. Bondage, Sensory Deprivation, Dominance & Submission or Sadism & Masochism. Everything you need to feel more alive as ever.


Here you can let yourself go and allow yourself to indulge in the most exquisite sexual fantasies. You can play whatever game you want to play. You can let go of control and experience the other side of power. Or you can be the Master.


Here you can allow the intensity of your experiences to rip you away from the grind of everyday life. To feel the life pumping through your veins again. To resurrect. To feel free and reborn again.

Eccentric Services

For the ones with a taste for exquisite kinky pleasures, Ina Divina offers a whole array of Eccentric Services. Bondage, Sensory Deprivation, Dominance & Submission or Sadism & Masochism. Let’s find out which Divina fits your kinks the best.

Seductive Feet

Touching. Biting. Licking. Kissing. Playing. Worshipping the most curved part of a woman’s body. Enjoying the view. How they look. How they feel. How they smell.

Kinky Apparel

The way how innocent and sweet your Divina looks in plain white cotton panties or how dominant and powerful she becomes in her latex catsuit. How her body protrudes from a leather harness, or how her curves become even more defined when she wears a corset. So rough and feminine at the same time. It can be both naughty and sweet.

Enchanting Duo

You feel a slight tingling of excitement and anticipation while filling three glasses of champagne. First, you watch your two Divinas shamelessly enjoy each other right in front of you. And then you slide between their gorgeous beautiful bodies and two become three. You touch. And let them touch you.

Luxurious Lingerie

Are you a visual man? Can you endlessly enjoy the view of a beautiful young lady wearing nothing but exquisite lingerie or cute, girly underwear? Divinas love to feel sexy and feminine. And wearing luxurious lingerie or cute underwear is what makes them feel this magical sensation.

Delightful Toys

Would you love to see your Divina using her toys while she plays with herself in front of you, or would you rather use them on her yourself? Delightful Toys offers you an innocent way to do all those exciting things that you have seen a thousand times in adult movies, but never even dared to suggest to your girlfriend.

Tempting Domina

It can be rough, it can be gentle. Dominating or tender. It can hurt. It can be brutal. It can be sweet and cuddly. Humiliating or uplifting. It can be anything. Let your imagination run wild.

Thrilling Surprise Date

Imagine going on a date and having no clue what awaits you. There is no plan, no scenario, no script. A total surprise, wrapped in mystery. It is a game, a quest with an uncertain outcome. The only certainty is that you will be thrilled to the core.

Limitless Pleasure

While a date can bring you lots of joy and satisfaction, once it’s over, it’s over. But not this time. With Limitless Pleasure the story goes on. The pleasure continues, the joy persists. It stretches far beyond the date.