about Ina Divina

The most open-minded High Class Escort Agency in the Netherlands.

For men who dare to be themselves.

The ultimate sign of strength – is daring to accept yourself as you are. Totally.

Embracing your deepest sexual desires is not for the faint hearted. Not for the people who think inside of the box. Because it takes courage and wisdom to let yourself be who you really are. To allow yourself to experience your true desires.

Being so sincere and so accepting of yourself is non-trivial. It takes courage and wisdom. It is a challenge reserved only for the strongest personalities. Because you can run from your desires, but you cannot hide. They are a part of you. So why not accept that you want something and embrace it?

And keep in mind that there is nothing more attractive than a man who knows exactly what he wants. Such men are rather exceptional. A man like this always enjoys ladies’ attention. They feel him intuitively.

Such a unique and authentic gentleman needs a corresponding lady. A one, which is curious, playful. Tempting and seductive. A pleaser that enjoys it as much as you do. And above all a one with a genuinely open-mind. A Divina. Who is totally committed and excited to embrace your desires and share this incredible and thrilling sexual adventure together with you.

It’s not an ordinary thing for two such people to come together. It is a unique occasion. More like two stars colliding in endless space. The mission of Ina Divina – is to make it happen. And to make it happen effortlessly. In a relaxed, luxurious way. Her mission is to let you experience the full range of your sexual desires.

Meeting your Divina, face to face, is a lifetime experience. You are there. She is there. You are both naked. In every sense.

Being so naked in front of someone else might make you feel vulnerable. Embarrassed. There is no need to. All you have to do is to drop your clothes. And your masks. And just be shameless.

Trust your Divina. Surrender to her. Dare to let yourself be swept away by joy in her presence. Let her take you to the magic experience of the most intimate contact. Let her make you discover the pleasures you could never even imagine.

During the day, you can be a successful businessman, a good husband, a decent man. With a good life and, maybe, a good wife. But something is missing. When the day turns into the night your inescapable secret desires arise. Most people fear them. Because society taught them to reject everything that does not stay within the lines of what is considered to be “socially acceptable” and “appropriate”. In order to fit in, they force themselves to give up a part of who they are. They sacrifice a part of their nature.

When you meet your Divina, you have to sacrifice something too. Your shame.

It is not hard at all. Just watch how shameless she is. Just relax and let her do the rest.

And after meeting her, you will feel as alive as you have never felt before. Reborn. Recomposed. Resurrected. And full of energy and desire to live.

Your life will never be the same again.



The Owner and Founder of High Class Escort Agency Ina Divina.

Hii! I am Ina,

the owner and founder of High Class Escort Agency Ina Divina. All the contact you will have before and after your (potential) date, is with me! Nice to meet you 🙂 I am a 26 year old woman, and I developed an immense love for the High Class Escort industry, which I still have today. A beautiful and intelligent lady who can and wants to give her soul and body fully to someone while being vulnerable, is the purest form of providing a paid service. Intimacy, and the desire and pleasure that comes with it, I think is one of the most beautiful things a person can experience in his or her life.


After finishing my atheneum I graduated from the Hotel Management School. While I was a student at this education, I led a very exciting, challenging, and above all very nice double life behind closed doors as a High Class Escort. However, I started out as a webcam girl, alone in my small dorm room, but soon found this a bit boring, monotonous and lonely. I wanted more. Something more challenging, more exciting and I wanted to experience more interesting, special and thrilling encounters. Getting to know intriguing people, with whom I would not get in touch without this ‘lifestyle’ as a High Class Escort. I wanted to feel that I am alive. Thanks to the dates I have been on as a High Class Escort, I was able to really experience this feeling that I longed for so much.


When I started at the Hotel Management School, I was asked what I wanted to do after my graduation. My answer was that I did not know this exactly yet, but at least it would be something with people, and above all something taboo-breaking. I am therefore extra proud that I have set up the most open-minded High Class Escort Agency in the Netherlands.


With Ina Divina, I find it important to embrace taboos, to make stigmas more positive and to intrigue people. As special as I find the mysterious side of the (kinky) high class escort world, I don’t think it is necessary that people are ashamed of it or feel judged, by offering or by making use of these beautiful services. Because of that, I want to satisfy my clientele in a special, but also approachable way, where there is no shame and where every respectful person is welcome to make his or her deepest desires a reality.


With Ina Divina I created a place where everyone can be themselves and will feel welcome, heard and understood. Because no one should feel ashamed by who they are deep inside or for what their desires are.


Lots of love and hopefully I will talk to you soon!


xx Ina