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Romy really leaves a little bit of sparkle wherever she goes. Bright like glitter and bubbly like champagne. She is so sweet, sexy, funny, smart, confident and easy-going. She loves to smile, and to bring a smile on your face as well. She will definitely show you her cute or her naughty one, but most likely both. Romy is really easy to talk to, there won’t be any awkward silences.


Romy can be feminine, she can be sexy, she can be confident, she can be naughty, and let’s not forget erotic.. Romy is so erotic because of the way how her lingerie, her high heels, and all her sexy outfits look on her. Something about her vibe or aura changes when she is feeling so sexy, especially in front of you. And let’s not forget about her amazing confidence, she is intelligent, well-spoken and dares to be herself.


And what about her naughty and kinky side? Well, she almost transforms into someone else when she puts on her roleplay outfit, her latex dress or one of her corsets for you. Romy would love to try out different kinky scenes with you. She is not very experienced yet, but very eager to learn with, or maybe even from you.

Romy's Diary

“Hi, I’m Romy,


I would describe myself as a sweet, sensual yet modest woman. Quiet in nature, but certainly not boring 😉


My great passion is dancing, I would love to tell you about it! But when we are at ease I would rather show you…


I am assured that I can experience a real girlfriend experience with you.

I have great empathy and I enjoy it immensely when you tell me what moves you in life, what keeps you busy and what are your dreams and passions?

Together we get to know each other little by little and fully enjoy each other’s company.


How nice is that exciting feeling of having a first date and yet feeling that you can be completely yourself and experience a genuine connection.


I love the art of seduction, feeling each other out and building it up in such a way that we end up completely in our own bubble when we kiss each other for the first time.

From there we enter a world we can only dream of. May I take you with me?


Love X”

Arrange your date with Romy
Early 30's
Spoken Languages
Dutch | English (basic)
Field of work or study
Sexual orientation
Classy, seductive and a pretty girl-next-door
Vanilla Experiences
Enchanting Duo | Luxurious Lingerie | Delightful Toys
Kinky Experiences
Eccentric Services (Domme + submissive, both soft only) | Seductive Feet | Kinky Apparel
Based in
Rotterdam Area
176cm | 5'9"
Tall, slim and feminine
Cup size
B (Natural)
Big, sparkling green/blue eyes, a pretty girl-next-door face with a cute smile and an overall open, warm and girly look
Hair type and color
Long, blonde hair
Tattoos & Piercings
Two small tattoos in discrete places. A belly button piercing. tongue piercing and nipple piercing. For discretion reasons, the tattoos have been removed from her pictures
Body hair
All shaved
100% Natural
Dry white wine and Pornstar Martini
French, Italian and Spanish
Self-Growth Books
Hobbies and interests
Dancing, wellness, shopping
"Strength is born from vulnerability"
Tolerant non-smoker

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