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Milou.. It’s a challenge to find the right words to describe her without appearing boastful. She has everything you could wish for your date to be like. From the outside Milou is your perfect match if you are into sweet, innocent and young looking girls. From the inside she truly is a people person and a pleaser at heart.


Milou is extremely giving, she loves to physically please you for hours and the perfect end of a date for her is giving you a sensual and relaxing massage. She is giving, but she also enjoys the feeling of being used as your toy. This is Milou’s submissive side, she adores being treated like a princess and a ‘fucktoy’ at the same time. So don’t misinterpret her sweet and innocent looks, because she might be more open-minded than you’d expect.

Milou's Diary

“Hi! I am Milou, a nice, cheerful and sweet girl who is always up for some fun and pleasure. When you meet me you will quickly find out that my heart is open, especially to animals, but tonight certainly also to you! I would like to tell you about my cats, dog and horse and you will soon experience that caring side of me as well 😉


I enjoy dates as a Divina because I like to get to know and discover different people. Getting to know your motives and deeper thoughts. I find it very interesting to find out what you are like as a person, I am a real people person. In addition, making a connection and feeling a deeper connection is something I find very beautiful. I hope that during our date you dare to be yourself more and more with me, without any fear and shame so that we can share and experience our fantasies and desires with each other.


What I can also enjoy in addition to a sensual, intimate and sexy date is being submissive to you. I like to take you on a date with a kinky side to make you feel extra dominant. I love giving you that dominant feeling, I really enjoy pleasing and giving you pleasure without thinking, I find it so nice to just listen to you obediently!”

Arrange your date with Milou
Early 20's
Spoken Languages
Field of work or study
Sexual orientation
Youthful, easy-going and girly
Vanilla Experiences
Luxurious Lingerie | Delightful Toys
Kinky Experiences
Eccentric Services (submissive only) | Seductive Feet | Kinky Apparel
Based in
Bergen op Zoom Area
170cm | 5'7"
Slim with beautiful breasts and an innocent looking pale skin
Cup size
C (Natural)
Very sparkling green eyes with beautiful full lips, a perfect skin, a small nose, cute cheeks and an overall sweet and girly look
Hair type and color
Very long, red hair
Tattoos & Piercings
Several tattoos on her shoulder, upper arm, calf, neck, ribs and hip. A belly button piercing. For discretion reasons, the tattoos have been removed from her pictures
Body hair
All shaved
100% Natural
St-Germain Spritz or other sweet cocktails/drinks
History books
Hobbies and interests
Horse riding
Hakuna Matata
Social smoker

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