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Domina Ella

Ella is a one of a kind. She has so many different characteristics, she keeps surprising you. She’s very kind, understanding, calm, and also youthful and naughty. But she’s also very strong, strict, confident and she knows what she wants. She’s fierce yet gentle. With all these different characteristics, as well soft as strict, Ella naturally became the exceptional Tempting Domina she is.


Ella’s voice and the way she talks is truly hypnotic. So calm, so soothing. You simply forget all the things you could’ve been worrying about.. She naturally senses when she needs to be firm with you, versus to when you need a moment of tenderness. Imagine being nervous to meet Ella. Then you see her and let her dominate you. And then, you hear that calm, soothing voice in between her strict and tough moments. All of this together creates a magical sensation.


Ella will make you feel helpless, but always respected. Her style is full of passion and sharp-tongued. She is consistent, but she does like to surprise you at moments as well. You never know what the defiant look in her eyes will mean for you. Ella enjoys her role as your Tempting Domina as much as you enjoy your role as her slave. Having Ella as your Domina, feels like a long-awaited relief. She will make you forget everything else going on in your life. Dare to experience this wonderful daze?

Domina Ella

“Being a Mistress has given me so much. It gave me knowlegde about power, connection and love. After doing this for seven years now, I have seen many men. All different, but all looking for the same. They all want me to take over their freedom of choice.


You might think, why would someone want that? I will tell you why. There is nothing else in the world that gives more freedom than giving up your freedom of choice. To only obey and not have to worry about anything else than obey your Mistress, is the ultimate feeling of freedom.


I have done many plays and learned a lot about myself, the powerplay and the subs/slaves. I like it so much I will probably keep doing this my whole life. Do you want to play a game with me?”



“I enjoy…

…to fullfill my own desires with you as my toy, my sub, my slave and whatever I want you to be. I love seeing your excited yet scared eyes. Not knowing what I am going to do with you. It makes me feel so powerful, respected and also very sexy to play with you as my puppet and control all your actions and words.”

Arrange your date with Domina Ella
Early 30's
Caucasian (Dutch)
Spoken Languages
Dutch | English
Field of work or study
Sexual orientation
Strict, creative and confident
Vanilla Experiences
Kinky Experiences
Tempting Domina
Based in
Rotterdam Area
181cm | 5'11"
Slim, tall with beautiful long legs and several tattoos
Cup size
A (Natural)
Light blue eyes with beautiful strong face features like her cheekbones, full lips, bangs, a labret piercing and an overall fierce yet gentle look
Hair type and color
Very long, dark brown hair with bangs
Tattoos & Piercings
Several tattoos on her legs, arms, chest and back. One facial piercing (labret). For discretion reasons, the tattoos have been removed from her pictures
Body hair
All shaved
100% Natural
Story of O by Pauline Reage
Hobbies and interests
Walking and traveling
"Dare to live."
Domina Ella's Diary

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